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Logisticare Medicaid Transportation, New York State
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LogistiCare New York Operations Center:
LogistiCare Solutions, LLC 37-18 Northern Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11101
Telephone: 877-564-5911
Fax: 877-564-5912

Fax for Brooklyn medical providers: 877-585-8758

Fax for Queens medical providers: 877-585-8759

Fax for Manhattan medical providers: 877-585-8760

Fax for Bronx medical providers: 877-585-8779

Fax for Staten Island medical providers: 877-585-8780

Fax for Nassau County medical providers: 877-272-3768

Number enrollees call to request transportation by bus or subway: 877-564-5922 for NYC enrollees. (866-288-3133 - Hearing Impaired - TTY)

Number medical providers call to request livery/ambulette/wheelchair/stretcher transport for a NYC enrollee: 877-564-5925 for NYC medical practitioners.

Number enrollees or medical providers can call if there is an issue with transportation, or to register a complaint: 877-564-5923 the NYC Ride Assist line

Number set aside for transportation providers: 877-564-5924 - NYC Transportation Providers

Fax set aside for transportation providers: 877-714-6882 - NYC Transportation Provider fax


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